(Daughter of Sargon, king of Sumer and Akkad. Hymn to the goddess Inanna, goddess of love and war. c.2250 BC. The excerpt may be an allusion to one of Sargon’s triumphs over the northern region of Ebih that refused to relinquish its independence.)


I am Enheduanna, the en-Priestess of Nanna.


I, also, would like to celebrate

the good wishes of the queen of battle,

the eldest daughter of Sin

Since it [Ebih] didn’t kiss the ground in front of me,

Nor did it sweep the dust before me with it’s beard,

I will lay my hand on this instigating country:

I will teach it to fear me

I’ll bring war [to Ebih], I’ll instigate combat,

I’ll draw arrows from my quiver,

I’ll unleash the rocks from my sling in a long salute,

I’ll impale it [Ebih] with my sword


It shall be known, it shall be known:


That you are as high as heaven, shall be known!

That you are as wide as the earth, shall be known!

That you annihilate rebelling territories, shall be known!



Fine Art Inkjet Print, Diasec 108 x 135 cm, 42 ½ x 53 in